Adventurer’s Inn

The ‘Fligth to Mars’

Adventurer’s Inn was a small amusement park in Flushing just off the Whitestone Expressway on Linden Place. It lasted from the mid 1950’s to the late 1970’s. When Kiddy City closed to its east in the mid 60’s, and Fairyland closed to its west in the late 60’s, Adventurer’s Inn stood alone as the only amusement park of its kind in the northern Queens area.

As a kid growing up nearby, I was reminded of the parks presence every time I passed it by on the Whitestone Expressway. I would think that maybe, if I asked my parents nicely enough, they might stop in and take me on a few rides. Perhaps I could even convince them to have my next birthday party there!

Early Years
In the 1950’s and 60’s it was called Adventure Park and had just a handful of rides with a miniature golf course. It was open on a sporadic schedule and had no central ownership, it was run by individual ride operators.


The Big Years
In the late 1960’s new ownwer Harold Glantz and President Martin Garin took over and expanded the amusement park. They added large rides like the Bumper Cars, the Flight To Mars, The Rotor, The Toboggan, and others.

The Batman Slide

The park went by several different names over the years (Adventure Park, Great Adventure Park) but anyone familiar with the big yellow sign knew it as  ‘Adventurer’s Inn’

Friction With The City
In the early 1970’s New York City developed plans to make the place part of an industrial park. The Public Development Corporation, a city agency geared toward industrial development, began publicizing complaints made against Adventurer’s Inn by Mitchell Gardens residents, in an attempt to get the park closed down.

Although the Queens tribune website states that the park closed after being condemned by the city in 1973, it appears that it stayed open in some capacity until about 1978. During that time it weathered a fire, a park shooting, and the continued efforts by the city and neighbors to shut it down.

Abandoned Bumper Car Ride at Adventurer’s Inn

The game room of Adventurer’s Inn stayed open for a few years after the park had been closed. Where the arcade once stood is now a parking lot. A Toys R Us stands behind it, and on the rest of the former 11 acre site is the College Point Multiplex cinema. It’s not quite the same, but perhaps it is fitting that a place once intended for kids and family entertainment now houses two structures, one for toys and the other for entertainment.

Golf City and Flushing Airport

Just a short ways north up from Adventurer’s Inn, on 20th Avenue, west of the Whitestone Expressway, (about where Target is today) was Golf City which along with miniature golf had a giant slide and batting cages. Flushing airport stood roughly across the street from Adventurer’s Inn. The city , particularly Mayor Beame, worked vigorously to close the airport. Beame regarded the airport as a danger to the area. 


Sister Park In Yonkers
An amusement park of the same name existed for much of the same time at the Tanglewood Shopping Center in Yonkers.

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  1. Elaine

     /  April 28, 2011

    Excellent post, Todd. I remember this place well. I was always too scared to go on the Flight to Mars and regret never getting over my fear and trying it anyway. Love the pictures!

    • magicrat714

       /  July 14, 2011

      You mean, “Fligth to Mars” – look at the pic!

  2. Jeanie (Jitter)

     /  April 13, 2012

    Working in the kiddie park and with the pony rides there were my first jobs.. Still have a few friends I made there. We knew Harold Glanz and his manager Goggles. It was a great place to work and play. Anyone remember the Music Express or the Super Loop (which was always broke) ?. I was 16 then and will always remember it fondly.

    • Donna Boneri Steele

       /  June 10, 2013

      wow im not sure if your the same Jeanie i worked with in kiddie my name is Donna Great memories Iworkedbatman slideand kiddie rides

  3. I was 3-4 years old and distinctly remember walking there from my families home on 130th street (down Linden Blvd. past Flushing Airport) at night with my teenage babysitter and her friends. Amazing the things we remember from such age. That night obviously made a big impression on me. Must of had a great time!

  4. john giordano

     /  April 28, 2012

    i remember my folks
    use to take me there as a kid, and palisades pak in nj.

  5. sue

     /  June 1, 2012

    Anyone remember their Funhouse? No one ever speaks of it, yet I remember my uncle falling at the exit where you had to walk through the spinning barrel. funny stuff!

    • John bahrey

       /  March 1, 2014

      I worked the fun house for the last 2 years before they closed the park. Chances are if you we’re there at night in 1974/75′ I was the guy who took your tickets. I loved that park. I was there 7 days a week starting at 1.85 per hour and going up to a whopping 2.05 . John

      • sue

         /  December 27, 2015

        Is it my imagination, or was the funhouse a German style building with figures dancing on top? I see photos of the Allotria funhouse online that says it used to be at Palisades. I understand alot of the rides from Paliades went to Adventurers after Palisades shut down. It looks the same- is it? If so, then it went to Williams Grove in PA after Adventurers shut down.

      • John

         /  December 28, 2015

        Hey sue, it’s been 40 years since I worked at adventures inn . And for the life of me I can’t remember what the outside of the fun house looked like. After taking tickets, I spent all my time doing stunts in the spinning barrel . But it sure was the time of my life…

  6. sissy napolitano

     /  July 6, 2012

    my fondest memories are riding The Toboggan while they blasted the song “temptation eyes”

  7. I use to go Adventurer’s Inn all the time with my family. I even had a birthday party there. I was afraid of the “Flight To Mars” ride. That devil on the front of the sign creeped me out!! lol

  8. Joe'Caraballo

     /  September 4, 2012

    Wow I’m so happy that some one have pic’s of Adventurer’s inn in flushing,
    I was like 9 back then,
    Was afraid of that dammmm devil ride Flight to Mars,
    My late brother use to push me in,
    Miss it,
    Thank you so Mach,
    You put a smile on my face,
    Thinking back in Time,
    When I pass by there ,
    My mind just go back in time,
    As a kid,
    Love the Go Car’s
    To your right when you got in.
    P.s. thank you!!!!!!

  9. My Dad’s friend was the owner and I remember cutting school and going there. My first real “boyfriend” (mind you I was in 7th grade so nothing really went on) was one of the guys running one of the rides (don’t remember the ride). His name was MONDO!

    • Abe

       /  May 13, 2015

      who was your dads friend if you don’t mind me asking? who was the owner of this place?

  10. WOW! I just got onto FB last mo. I left N.Y. in 76 when I was 19 yrs old. I asked in a casual post in the Flushing group if anyone ever hung out here and was pleasantly surprised to find this link. Just seeing what few pics are here brought back some great memories but I was hoping for a few hard core old Adventurers that I might be able to catch up with. So I guess it was around 72 or 73 that my “cousin” and I were pretty much permanent fixtures here for whichever summer it was, so lets see…Sidney Medlock ran the Matterhorn back then, Tommy was on the horses, Bobby-Joe Pistilli-Jimmy Burke fun house (I think), and on the Polar express (where we hung out the most) was Jocko’s domain. He played the best music. Id love to hear from Susie n Freddy, Junebug, Ramazon, EGGY!…Sherry S., Jimmy Lopresti. Hey Jimmy! If ur out there…dont hold a grudge… I didnt smash ur boat into that bridge! Betcha ask first now if somebody knows how to drive somethin before u let them! LOL! Or any of you Old timers that may remember me n my cousin. Cause its the Fannie and Flo show…wherever Flo goes Fannie follows! (or vice-versa). We’re both FB.

  11. Nativenyer

     /  October 25, 2012

    I remember my dad taking me here from ’70-74 at least. In particular I remember the Batman Slide which was basically a 3-4 story tall metal slide that you went down using burlap sacks!! Thanks for the memories!

  12. use to hang out there during my teen years, friends, food, fun and great times

  13. Doug Scheidet

     /  May 20, 2013

    Those Burlap Sacks would itch and dig into ur leg on the Golf City slide, well worth it! Underneath the slide was a game room, still reigning champ at “Air Hockey”. Bring the Goodyear Blimp back…..

  14. Bert Hick...

     /  June 15, 2013

    I moved to College Point in 1969-10 yrs old I remember a million stories about being in A/I as a teenager ..a lot of misspent youth ..lived on 126 st CP remember running home many A night to make cerfew W/tony DiDominico and Vic.. I remember seeing the cops chase Tommy/Joe???Green from 123rd st CP thru the neighborhood.. He BORROWED a pony from the park ..they had pony rides back then..LMAO didn’t catch him.. But the BEST memory of all was being a FDNY firefighter with engine 273 flushing around 1993 when I pulled up to the bldg W/ Capt Ed Platt 273 and found a small rubbish fire along side the corner of the bldg and stretched a 1-3/4 inch hose to put it out July3rd 92/93appx….just after lunch planning on going upstate w family camping and celebrating fdny anniversary ..but when the plywood fell out of the window I was hit with a blast of heat that drove me to my knees and looked inside the window and saw All Hell Inferno.. Inside. !!!! Capt Platt looked inside and turned to me and said. ((. Bert fckd up..))) the hose wasn’t big enough to fight that much fire..we had no idea. The place was roaring….inside.. I ran back to the engine for a bigger hose …but it was tttooooo LATE went to 3 alarms in 15 minutes …firefighter bobbyJoel..a good truckie ..pulled the ceiling and it collapsed nearly killing Capt Platt and me….lol now thinking about it.. Another close call…and the story concludes with me watching the sign Adventures Inn collapse thru the roof much later that evening from fire damage and Several…Tower ladders..pouring tons of water onto the bldg trying…to put it out. I didn’t get to the Catskills till midnight that day …and told my wife Ellen .. It burned to the ground. Total loss..I will never forget it…never.. RIP– Capt Platt. Bobby. Where are you. Miss you. You were good…celebrating 30 years next month in the FDNY same time as fire July. Time to retire….. Ask me about the 3 attempts to burn down the RKO Keith’s I really spent some mispenth youth in THAT. Theatre …bad..but the best was Led Zepplin midnight show…the Song Remains The Same movie….add some beer…!!! And thank you Susie Corrado for the tickets..all time favorite movie..!! Times were the best. Growing up in College Point…..

  15. JTS

     /  June 29, 2013

    there was also rides in Cross County Center Advenutrers Inn Yonkers. Central Ave did not have outside rides

  16. Alan Gregg Cohen

     /  October 10, 2013

    I remember this amusement park quite well. We used to go there frequenty as I could walk from my childhood home near Union Street and Bayside Avenue. It was a great place to go growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, and I remember when it closed. I too had a birthday party for my twelfth bithday in 1972. We also used to frequent nearby Golf City with it’s great slide and miniature golf couse. Queens was a great place to grow up back then. Thanks for your post.

  17. lucy

     /  October 22, 2013

    didnt they have a nathans there?

  18. John

     /  November 7, 2013

    Love the story and history. I have so many good memories of the park. I lived in College Point so it was easy to go there often.

  19. Mike

     /  May 25, 2014

    Not a Nathans, but a Kosher style deli, that I worked in in 1968, 69. My family owned the Catepillar, the small ferris wheel and the Carousel. I collected tickets during the summers.

  20. Michael

     /  August 20, 2014

    For me, Adventurers Inn was a quick stop for a good hot dog on the way down to the airport from Connecticut. There was easy access off and back onto the Whitestone Expwy.

  21. the adventures inn was part of my upbringing, it was a special time when a boy from queens could get there. for me it was luis penaharras dad. he would gather up the local kids and we would all go in his vw van, he was a good man who loved the neighborhood kids and it showed. I miss them dats and they are forever etched in my mind.

  22. John

     /  January 8, 2015

    the sister park was near Cross County Shopping Center on Central Ave then later in Cross County Shopping. The location you mention did not have an outdoor area. It burned down and they moved to Cross County Shopping Center

    • Ernest F. Tofani

       /  November 1, 2020

      I remember that place in Cross County. I was about 6-7 years old when my parents took my sister and I there around 1965. About five years later it had been out of business and gated off. It appeared somewhat spooky as it was overgrown with grass and shrubs. There was a wooded area west of it. My friend Bruce and I entered the very thick woods/forest and found residential streets with brush growing from cracks in the asphalt, two abandoned homes and five cars that had been there for many years. There were two VW’s, two Impala SS’s and a 1958 Corvette that must have been stolen for its parts. I remember when we found the Corvette, I couldn’t help thinking what a shame. It was dark green. It’s engine, transmission, top, wheels, rear axles, center section, bumpers and headlamps were missing. With its headlamps missing and its green color, it reminded me of a dead frog.

  23. I like the way you had written in this blog, keep it up

  24. guys I all thank you I didn’t though I just an pic of the great adventures park sign today grow to blog of old memories of mine to become soo big to get an its own web page ! I too was living in collage point as an kid riding to adventions inn game room/ restaurant before it burn down in 1978 an the old speeds airport that was know as flushing airport I used to take flying lessions when I was an young lad does any one rembber that in the early 70s ? stand up an shout hell yea to the good old days an piece sign an groovey man an give me some skin or slap me five !

  25. Pauline A. Fischer

     /  October 2, 2016

    Back in 1970 we discovered “Adventures Inn Amusement Park” by accident while out and about, it was located in Farmingdale Long Island and it was conveniently across from a working dairy farm open free to the public. This amusement park was affordable to our parents brings there were 5 of us kids. This park was unique because it had a kiddie indoor amusement park and if it rained outside you could go inside. We moved away to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania in 1973, and now that I read that it wasn’t there anymore I am sad. A Lot of fond memories there.

  26. Pauline Fischer

     /  October 2, 2016

    Back in 1970 we discovered “Adventures Inn Amusement Park” by accident while out and about, it was located in Farmingdale Long Island and it was conveniently across from a working dairy farm open free to the public. This amusement park was affordable to our parents brings there were 5 of us kids. This park was unique because it had a kiddie indoor amusement park and if it rained outside you could go inside. We moved away to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania in 1973, and now that I read that it wasn’t there anymore I am sad. A Lot of fond memories there.

  27. John ianiro

     /  June 15, 2019

    I grew up in Whitestone and Adventurers inn was one of m favorite places growing up, my Father took me there for the rides when I was just a kid but as a teenager it was my go to place, I remember those Friday/Saturday nights at the arcade with my girlfriend ( now my wife ) and my friends, pinball was my passion games like comet, gorgar, high speed, pin not, black night, Taxi, space shuttle and F14Thomcat sucked me dry, the memories of a more simpler time in my life has made me to relive those memories and through the last few years I have collected those pinball games for my man cave, I remember across the expressway eating at Roy Rogers visiting the competing arcade called super A and bowling at Whitestone lans, even the bump sign on the expressway brings back memories of visiting my cousins in Astoria and seeing the sign , holding on to my seatbelt because the air time my dads car would get left my stomachs queasy,

  28. Will always cherish the pics I took with my honey in the Adventurer’s Inn picture booth back in August ’71. It was also a common spot to hold CB “Coffee Breaks” back in the 1960s.

  29. Danielle Jessica Almeida

     /  April 13, 2020

    I found a token to adventurers inn im not sure what to do with it

    • Hi, maybe you can sell it on eBay? What does it look like and what was it utilized for at the park?

  30. Criswell265

     /  August 27, 2020

    I don’t remember much about Adventurer’s Inn, except that I always confused it and Adventureland in Farmingdale. I went back many years later. The indoor arcade was still operating, but all the rides were rusting away. The JUMBO JET roller coaster looked scary and intimidating.

    Later, I found a JUMBO JET roller coaster at Coney Island, and had to ride it. Yes, it was as scary and intimidating as it looked.

  31. Patricia Quinde

     /  November 15, 2021

    I remember this park as if it was yesterday, I moved to Linden Place in 1969 at 6 years old . Linden Place use to be beautiful nice quiet neighborhood where there was only houses, we use to go here all the time it was only a few blocks away. My favorite ride was the toboggan and it is true about that scary looking house from Mars I was also afraid of it it was creepy. those were certainly the good old days

  32. Patricia Quinde

     /  November 15, 2021

    Does anyone remember the Town Hall in Linden Place when it was abandoned,
    please make comments I would love to hear them

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