Bohack’s Grocery Stores

Lot’s of Bohack’s stuff. The chain first opened in 1887, and lasted until 1977. It’s not hard to find signs of Bohack stores still around, they had a lot of locations and were a mainstay for a long time.  It has been over 30 years since anyone last purchased any food at a Bohack, but many of the stores and buildings still exist in a lot of different forms today.


The Founder 1939 Bohack’s ad  showing  Henry C Bohack. Even though it began way back in 1887, that was somewhat later than A & P which opened in 1859. A & P already had 100 stores open by the late 19th century. Bohack would open a lot of its own.

Elmhurst NJ? – Early Bohack’s photo.

Bayside, 1927, Bell Blvd, just south of the Bayside train station. No longer a Bohack’s of course, but the store has survived despite the fact that there have been numerous fires both just a few stores up and down from this store. It has been a little bit … lucky.

Freport Bohack, undated.

Mastic Beach Bohack, early 1940’s

Queens, Bohack Restaurant and store at the corner of Flushing and Metropolitan Ave’s, Queens, today it is a deli.

Gas Stations This 1920 shows locations in Brooklyn, Woodside, and Flushing. There were Bohack gas stations in the 1920’s and 30’s.  (Whitestone newspaper ads). Did other grocery stores also have gas stations … will have to check on that.

Store Locator, 1921 listing of Bohack’s locations. This is kind of a rarity, most Bohack and A& P ads didn’t list their locations.


Kew Gardens from the website comes this great Bohack photo which was posted to our facebook group some time ago by Michalel Quartararo. Fcebook photo here



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