The Maine Maid Inn, Landmark Preservation at Its Worst

When the Town Of Oyster Bay behind closed doors decided to approve the landmark destroying plans for the Maine Maid one hour before its public vote I felt I had to say something. It is impossible to get many of the details because the best coverage of the story seems to be on Newsday’s site, which you can’t read if you don’t pay for their subscriber service. We have enough info to know this is not how things should be.

We like to say things have changed and how much landmark preservation has improved since the destruction of Penn Station in 1963. We like to say times are better now for landmarks, but are they really? Certainly not if you follow the developments at the Maine Maid Inn.

The Inn was given landmark status in 2008, at which time we thought the former underground railroad stop would be preserved. But anyone who fought for the status has to now be wondering why they wasted their time. In what is probably an illegal closed door meeting prior to the public vote, the Town Of Oyster Bay approved already progressing work to demolish the site 5-1, which had begun without any prior notice to the town.

Voting in private to approve the plans one hour before the town hall meeting to discuss the event shows us where the public stands in the nature of things when it comes to the Town of Oyster Bay government. We might be better off if Boss Tweed was running things. To call this anything other than a travesty and a gross injustice would be inaccurate. Thanks to the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities for following the story on their Facebook Page at


Maine Maid, 1840’s

. ——–

Maine Maid mid 2000’s Anton News Photo

1974 Ad

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  1. Follow the money. The Scottos, the owners who are doing the work, are big time financial supporters of the crooked republicans that conducted that “meeting” to approve this. Those rules would only apply to those who don’t give them the dough. The Town government does not work for the “people” but only for themselves and their cronies.

    If you want to continue about this, go to the Nassau County Board of Elections website and search for contributions made by the Scottos and you will without a doubt find much that went to the “public servants” in Oyster Bay.

  2. You could use this steve“scotto+brothers”&oq=town+of+oyster+bay+board+of+elections+”scotto+brothers”

  3. You might have to add Scotto Brothers to the link I posted. But the vote and how the town handled it is a travesty without even having to prove the connection. What they did is wrong regardless of why they did it.

  4. What a bunch of crooks. It sickens me.

  5. Does anyone know who is on the TOB Landmark Preservation Commission? TOB website states that the Town Board appoints 7 volunteers, but no names are given. Someone needs to be held accountable.


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