2014 LI and NYC Places No More Calendar Released


Schaefer Trucks, February 2014

The 2014 LI Places No More Calendar is here with a new series of historic photos. The calendar provides a unique trip down memory lane and is a great gift for anyone who is an old-time New Yorker. It is also a gift that does more giving. We are making a contribution to help Long Islanders in need. With each sale half of the proceeds of the 2014 Places No More Calendar are going to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy with a contribution to Long Island Harvest. We did the same with last year’s calendar.

The photos include the 1964 World’s Fair, CBGB’s, The Catskill Game Farm, Good Humor Ice Cream, The World Trade Center, and the Yale Truck Sign. Here is a month by month description of the photos in the calendar:

January  – Catskill Game Farm  Although not on Long Island, the game farm is a cherished memory for many. Originally opened by the Lindemann family as a retreat in 1933, in 1958 it was recognized by the Department of Agriculture as the first privately owned zoo.  (Beth Hague / Reference Librarian Catskill Public Library.)  Closed since 2006, the new owners of the land are trying to reopen the farm, their facebook fan page is here.

February –  Schaefer Beer Trucks
Schaefer was the world’s bestselling beer for much of the 20th century. Many people in the area worked for years at its Kent Street brewery. The photo reminds us of Schaefer’s time as a force in the beer industry. Photo by Anthony J. Rinaldi. His grandaughter continues in the tradition of pursuing art as an artist fb page here.

March – Yale Truck Sign
The sign was neighbors with the West Side Highway for years. It stood at 39th Street and 12th Avenue. It was built to look like it was about to merge right onto the elevated highway. The name on the old sign had stood for Yale Express Systems, once a major regional trucking company that teetered on the brink of bankruptcy through much of the 1970’s before collapsing into insolvency. But the truck came back under United Rentals who restored its lights and finish. It had a renaissance of sorts in the mid 2000’s, only to meet its final demise when the Javitz Center took it down in 2007.


April 2014 Photo

April – 1964 Worlds Fair
The Worlds Fair in 1964 was one of Robert Moses many so-called last stands. By the late 1950’s, the media and public was becoming more aware of the darker side of Moses, and his presidency of the fair represented an attempt to not only improve his public image, but gain some financial security for himself, something his public service salary had never truly afforded him. In the end the fair did not turn out to be a money maker, but its many pavilions and rides are a cherished memory to many who remember attending in their youth.

Matthew Silva has taken the lead in trying to restore one of the landmarks from the fair that is still standing, the New York State Pavilion. He is hoping to restore it before it collapses to the ground. His facebook page can be found here.

May – OTB – OTB’s were usually smoke-filled, crowded, stuffy places with blurry screen views of the races showing the horse you bet on losing. OTB’s are blamed for helping contribute to the demise of area tracks like Roosevelt Raceway. Yet they still made their contribution to area history. The Daily Racing Form lamented their loss and looked back on the history of the city OTB’s here

June – Texaco Service Station – taken in late 1970’s by Michael Joedicke. The Texaco station reminds us of the days of free window cleaning, oil checking, and road maps–all of which you could expect to find at the area gas station. Today a road map is $5 and if you are lucky you can use the water and cleaner to wipe the windshield yourself.


Good Humor Man in 1950’s, June photo

July – Good Humor Ice Cream – Takes us back to the days of playing ball on the street, riding bicycles with baseball cards in the spokes, and running to catch the Good Humor man as he came driving down the street. If times truly were simpler in the past, it is because of moments like those shown in the photo.

AugustWorld Trade Center by Mark Forman – It is hard not to notice the Flatiron in the foreground, which has stood for over 111 years in Manhattan, or The World Trade center, which stood for less than 28.

SeptemberWorld Trade Center by Anthony Rinaldi  reminds us how far the Towers could be seen.

October – RKO Keiths Flushing  photo via Anne Downey Wright whose father was a manager of the RKO Keith’s in the 50’s. Chris Kellberg  has led the effort to restore the slowly decaying theater with his  facebook group here .


CBGB’s, 1978

November – CBGB became the center for new music in the late 1970. The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, and so many others changed the face of music with their stints at the club.

December – Sam Goody along with Record World and Tower Records were some of the most popular places to find new music. 

Back Cover – World Trade Center by Suzanne Barse shows the recognizable geometric pattern of the facade of the lower floors of the towers.

I included several notable dates in which area attractions opened for business, such as the first Automat, the Levittown Roller Rink and the Nassau Farmers Market.

The calendar is available for purchase here 

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    FYI the zazzle link takes you to the 2013 calendar.


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    On Long Island there was the Wayside Inn in Glen Head, The Beach House in Long Beach, and in Kingston,NY near Woodstock there was Su Casa

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