Now Available, The LI & NYC Places No More 2013 Wall Photo Calendar


Alexander’s,  (March Photo )

Copies are Selling Fast
Copies of the LI & NYC Places No More 2013 Calendar are selling out quickly. Thanks to all of you who suggested I do one, and to the many of you who generously contributed photos to help make it, It would never have come together without you. Inside it are rare and unique photos from prominent authors and expert photographers.

Rare Photos Inside
It contains photos of legendary retail stores, like Alexander’s, Service Merchandise, and Genovese drugs. It has favorite amusement parks like  McGinnis, Kiddy City and Nunley’s. Each page is literally its own 8×11 canvas of rare memories from the past.


Nunley’s Amusement Park, (June Photo)

Dedicated To Hurricane Victims
A calendar that celebrating the history of Long Island cannot ignore the most devastating impact of hurricane Sandy, the worst storm Long Island residents have ever faced in generations. It’s impact cannot be overstated.  The calendar includes great contributions from Long Island photographers who took trips of their own around the island to document the damage inflicted by the storm. I am donating 50 percent of any royalty I gain from the calendar to Sandy charities. We will be making contributions to Island Harvest and the Robin Hood Fund.


Amusement Parks (May Photo)

Some of The Photos Included In The Calendar
Malibu Night Club, Shirly Dariy Barn, Alexander’s Department Store, Nunley’s Amusement Park, McGinnis, Kiddy City, The Elmhurst Tanks, The World Trade Center, The World’s Fair, and more.

Straight From The Fan Page
Running a page with thousands of fans, I have gotten a pretty good idea of what you all like to see, and this calendar is loaded with those photos. I know you will love it. I got mine this week and I think it looks great. There is still a few hours left to order it online and get it in time for Christmas. Please use coupon code   Buy Now Here 

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