Remembering to Remember 9/11

Operation Sail, 1976, New York

As 9/11 grows near, my mind is drawn to the memory of the towers being lost and all that the day means to us as a people. Last year was the tenth anniversary of the attack and it was a special one. We saw the dedication of the new fountains at the footprints of the original towers. We saw the names of those who lost their lives inscribed on the marble that surrounds them. There were appearances and speeches by current and former Presidents  and other dignitaries. We all seemed to come together once again as a country. It was an excellent way to honor and remember one of the most difficult days in US history, and most would agree that it was well done.

This year, we seem to be thinking of other things a little more and 9/11 a little less. We have conventions and elections to think about and the other current issues of the day. A little less attention will probably be devoted to the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. And yet the calendar still shows it is early September. My mind doesn’t differentiate between whether it is the tenth or eleventh year after the towers were lost. All I can think about once the calendar hits September is what happened on that day, and my thoughts are drawn to it–the lives lost, those who survived, those who helped save them. I find it hard to move away from the topic on my fan page.

President Bush and the Obama’s at the 9/11 memorial, 2011

The only story I could find in the current news about 9/11 is about a dispute between the governor and mayor of New York that may delay the opening of the 9/11 museum beyond even next year’s anniversary. I hope they can unite and get the museum opened as soon as possible. I hope we can all set aside a few minutes to remember the day–and give the memory of those that were lost their just due–this year and on 9/11 anniversaries in the years to follow.

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  1. When I looked down Greenwich Street, I could see the towers rising up as they were built. I lived in Greenwich Village until the mid 70’s but my parents lived there all their lives and my mother still does. I also fished an old LIFE magazine out of the garbage and have saved it for years. How sad to see them go down. I could see the smoke rising from the dust as i stood on my roof in Windsor Terrace. I think Trump was right that we should have built them the same as they lookked on Sept 10,2001 only bigger and stronger. Although I thought they were ugly when they were first built , they became a beacon to find my way back to NYC. I can’t really tell downtown by the new Freedom Tower when I look for NYC from out of town


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