Facebook Fan Page: Year One

Last May we learned Facebook was officially shutting down its original group page format. This meant a group might be upgraded and saved, or it might not be. Facebook had already been gradually making groups more difficult to promote. They had stopped group leaders from communicating with members, the selective upgrade was the final blow. And so we were told to move to fan pages. At first I resisted fan pages because I had a large group already established, but there was no longer a choice. Facebook was basically saying if you had something to offer to many you should make it a fan page, so I did.

New Fan Page, 500+ members, May 2011

I really wanted to keep at it. I love history and seeing it through pictures too much to stop. I love researching them, and I love sharing them. Facebook and wordpress allow us the chance to create a positive and I believe really worthwhile experience here. Let’s share the memories and get the word out about preserving some of the area’s important historical landmarks we still have left.

This is an update to the first announcement of the fan page in May 2011

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