Top 20 Places No More – ’64 Worlds Fair and Freedomland

I am slowly working my way through a countdown of the most notable places gone from the past,  here are number ten and eleven …

1964 – 1965  Worlds Fair

Yes it was organized by Robert Moses, was not officially sanctioned, didn’t make any money, and stole business from other area attractions, so it did have a few negatives; but that is not looking at the whole picture. It also gave Queens its most enduring symbol, the unisphere, It was the impetus for the building of Shea Stadium, the Van Wyck Expressway extension, and the Throgs Neck Bridge. Many buildings on the grounds remain from the fair and still used today. The fair gave a generation of New Yorkers and Americans memories that have lasted a lifetime, many area residents look back on it as one of the greatest moments of their childhood. I read them almost every time I post a photo of the fair at the facebook fan page, and you can see the expressions of wonder in the children in many of the old photos taken at the fair.

Arcadia Book By Bill Cotter

Photos at Places No More


Freedomland 1960-1964

It was billed as Disneyland in the Bronx, it was a large scale amusement park right in the metropolitan area. It had a real Chicago fire, a train ride around the park, and a sky-ride. But it didn’t last very long. The ownership seemed to be running out of money as fast as a Chicago fire could spread, and it started to show around the park. Without new attractions attendance dwindled. By the time 1964 came around the thought of competing against a worlds fair, just a few miles away, for two years, without money to build, the decision was easy to make, it was time to close down. A lot of fond memories remain of the place, and today it is the site of co-op city. freedomland site

Arcadia Book

Photos at Places No More

My Prior Entry of Top 20 Place was #12 WNEW   here. 

2/9/60 from gorillasdontblog who has a great collection of freedomland photos

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  1. mitch

     /  February 24, 2012

    mommy and daddy take my hand were going off to freedom land.

  2. Rocco

     /  February 25, 2012

    I remember that I was there in the early 60s.

  3. Freedomland was actually profitable. The problem was its locxation was on uber prime real estate. The NYS legislatire, remember them the one that was literally owned by Mr. Vanderbilt and the raiilroads in the 19th Century. The real estate lobby got the NYS legislature to modify the Co-Op laws to provide tremendous tax write-offs plus profits thus forcing the owners of Freedomland to sell them the real estate. That is how Co-Op City was made over the debris that was Freedomland. . At the time it was the largest co-op housing in the world.

  4. I remember they had the gunfight at Ok corral there I think it took pllace every half hour.

  5. Linda Galasso-Maffia

     /  July 15, 2014

    Mommy and Daddy take my hand take me out to Freedomland. My mom worked there as a hostess. For The Plantation House that was right near the Moon Bowl. They had the best fried chicken served in baskets!


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