Mission Statement, New Page

This is intended to give some direction to the places no more fan page project and make a couple announcements. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love looking at old photos and discussing their history. I think of them as a window into our past. Whether you love old department stores like Klein’s stores, old amusement parks like Kiddy City, or old wooden lamp posts on parkways, these pages should be for you. We love the history, and we delve into a lot of related topics.

There is Much More Is Still To Be Found
There’s loads more photo images out there still waiting to be found, and we have only tipped the iceberg of what’s to be seen. There are newspaper pages, tax archives, private collections, and much more lying in wait. Just look at the incredible parkway photos posted to the fan page by Steven Waldman. We are now getting a look at Long Island Parkways past as they have never seen before. A look at the videos posted by Robert Martens shows us roads, buildings, and cars from a bygone era.

More Members To Come
There are no doubt more people out there who would love to discover the history of our pages. Everyone loves old pictures, everyone loves discussing them, so hopefully we can get the word out to them. While the growth has been continuous and steady, I think it can be much greater. The more people who join, the more photos we will find, as the individual contributor is one of the greatest sources of material we have. Who knows what photos the next new member might bring.

Great Contributors, New Friends
Each person who contributes seems to have their own specialty, so as a group, we have become a pretty strong bunch. I am very lucky to have met online the many people I have thanks to the group and page.

Try To Credit Wherever Possible

Please try to make an effort to credit the original contributor or taker of the photo. Whoever originally took or found that photo probably put some effort into it, we should give that work some credit.

Keep It Civil
Just about any discussion is welcome, but personal attacks are out. Factual corrections are encouraged, and while current political commentary is allowed, it is not encouraged. This is intended to be a place to escape a little bit. One advantage here is that people of any political ideology can find common ground about the photos and the history.

Don’t Worry About Definitions
The goal is to share things about history and what they tell us. If a photo is of something not in New York, or not a place, or is still standing, it is still fine to post. The title is a general guide post to the content and material.

A New Page
Old Images of New York 
Presenting an old photo page that doesn’t suggest things on it are gone. This way the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building photos can seem to fit in better, again, open definition, not strict guidelines. I know I’m walking a fine line with the two pages, but the goal is to bring as many people in and keep the photos coming, hopefully a second page will help facilitate that. I’ve already got a few hundred photos up there now for you to look at.

Please Note
Feel free to post photos in either page, I just thought we should have a more New York oriented photo fan page in addition to places no more. Please join the new page and stay on board at the places no more page as well.

Some of The Places No More Pages

Long Island and NYC Places No More Fan Page
Fan page started in 2011, now with 2,000 plus members

Long Island And NY Area Places That Are No More Group
New Facebook Group with 400+ members.

Things That Are No More Group
Old technology, toys, etc.

Photo Americana
More General photography and history ( launched by Richard Woitowiz).

Old Places No More Group – Over 8,500 Members
The group that started it all, but is being archived and has not been upgraded by facebook.

Old Images of New York
A new group intended for old photos of our area.

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