A Nomination, A Contest

NY Places No More was was named a finalist in the CBS New Yorks Most Valuable Blogger Awards of 2011! The nomination is in the local affairs category. Is it possible that this blog is doing something correct, something right, maybe even something worthwhile? Hold that thought. Whether or not it it is, it’s still very nice to get positive recognition and know that people like what they are seeing . The places no more fan page has been gaining about fifty fans a week for a few months now, THANK YOU! for helping to spreading the word, it is bringing  a lot of new people in.

The other blogs nominated in the same category as Places No More are truly super blogs. They are well organized, well written, and with great topics. I would be very surprised if we beat them in the voting, and I consider it an honor just to be listed next to them.  Nevertheless, we  still might as well try to go out and win,

So here is the plan …

Please vote for  NY Places No More at the CBS local site when you can. You can do it once a day, so vote, daily, or when you remember. The voting ends September 9th. One thing this blog has going for it, it has gotten a lot of help and support from a lot of people, so please keep it coming,.

The prize for winning best blog is a $50 Amazon gift card. With that card, I declare my intention to use it to buy the followng books which should be required reading:

Fresh Meadows, Images of America    $14.95 At Amazon.com (By Fred Cantor and Debra L Davidson)

Forgotten NY       $14.99 at amazon.com (By Kevin Walsh)

Queens Then and Now   $16.32 at amazon.com (By Jason D Antos)

New York Rises The Photography of Bridges By Eugene De Silignac     $26.58 at Amazon.com

Well, now I am out of money. But this is just the beginning of an essential reading list for the New York history student. If you have a book you would like to add to the list, please do mention it in a comment.

The Nominees

What We Have To Offer
When I first started this, at the suggestion of successful blogger and my brother Scott Berkun, the blog was to be a simple catalog listing, old movie theaters, shopping centers, bowling alleys amusement parks, and other area favorites. I would list out pages of these, add pictures where I could, and that was to be it. All in all a nice concept, but a little bit narrow minded.

Luckily, as people found me online, things progressed. We began to reinterpret what we were doing. The purpose of the blog grew, the meaning changed. I’m not going to go too far into detail about it because my last entry touched on a lot of these same topics. Suffice it to say the blog still does look back at the past but often with the intent of finding some meaning from what we see back there. Whether it is a look back at Penn Station or Alley Pond Park, we can see what it means to lose some of our treasures from the past, and try to preserve the ones we still have. So yes, I do think we are doing something worthwhile!

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  1. Debra Davidson

     /  August 23, 2011

    Congratulations on being a finalist. You’ve got my vote(s).
    Thanks for the mention of the Fresh Meadows book.


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