Facebook Fan Page and Group Update

Long Island And NYC Places that are no more fan page

While we are still waiting for facebook to hopefully upgrade our old group of over 8,000 members and 6,000 photos, I have taken to working the fan page, building its picture content, and trying to grow the membership base there. With that in mind, feel free to join it by clicking like at the top of the page from this link.)

Using the fan page has certain advantages for me over the group. For one, posts seem to be inserted (at least sometimes) right into fans news feeds. This means more people get to see them and hopefully comment on them. The comments do seem to come back from a wider audience at the page than they did in the group.

Another advantage to the fan page, photo organization. I set up the pictures up in albums mostly by county or borough, with the exception of major places like Penn Station and Jones Beach. Unfortunately fan members can’t add to the organized photos, they can only be added by the administrators, but they have added over one thousand photos in the user contributed section.

Fan Page Photo Albums

As for the old group, yes, it is starting to look like facebook will eventually get around to upgrading Long Island and New York City Places, although they did truncate the old photo total down to only 6,000, we are still encouraged because similar groups have recently been upgraded. Nevertheless it is still not a certainty, and the anxiety over whether or not it will happen recently motivated group member and author Debra Davidson to create an “Upgrade Us!” facebook event slated for next Wednesday afternoon August 26th.

There is also a new group here, where many of the members have posted tons of historical photos, in many cases their own.

Since we started the group, some things have become evident; firstly, there is a wealth of memorabilia and historically oriented material out there, and a lot of people who like to look at it. Fan page or group, it’s nice to have a place to share it collectively. Secondly, there is also a lot of material individuals have in their own collections that make great contributions. Third, viewable history transcends a wide range of topics, so a photo outside Penn Station in 1910 can be posted in the same group as a Wetson’s restaurant ad from the 70’s, and it all makes sense.

The goal is to celebrate, learn, and explore. We celebrate our shared history, we learn what we didn’t know about it, and we explore what isn’t known about it anywhere else. It all makes it a fun adventure.

One thing I have been meaning to say for some time, the fact that something is not in New York , or is still here, should not be considered a deterrent to post. The intention of the page is to study our collective pictoral history, not exclude photos based on technicalities. Anyway, we can usually point out something, even small, in most old photos, that is no longer there, so put them up, the more the merrier.

If the group is upgraded, we will be faced with a fan page, an upgraded old group, and a new group, and they all contain thousands of user contributed photos. I don’t know if it will make sense to go forward with all three, but I don’t want to delete thousands of photo postings either. Idealistically I would like to think we can concentrate on different topics in each, but I don’t know how it will really all work.

This post is a continuation of an earlier post on The Facebook Group Upgrade Controversy.

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