Maps (I)

A few interesting highlights from some maps I came across over the last few weeks.

Here is an 1893 map of northern Queens. Before it was Hoffman Blvd, Queens Blvd was known as Jamaica Road. North Beach is where LaGuardia airport is today. Winfield was a station just east of Woodside.

1893 Southern Nassau County Map – Besides a lot of old town names, a train line that continues past todays terminus of Long Beach and went all the way to Point Lookout is on the map. We know Fosters Meadow is the old name for Elmont, but on this map is a town called Bridgeport. Further east is Norwood and a little to the north is Woodfield.

1893 South Coast of Nassau County – South barrier island shoreline prior to Jones Beach park reveals at least three separate islands. More town names of the past, Smithville, Greenwich Point, and others.

1907 Queens map reveals Rocky Hill Road, Union Avenue, Fresh Meadow Road, and Black Stump Road, which today is 73rd Avenue. Hoffman Blvd is today’s Queens Blvd.

A good map with excellent detail can reveal a lot of history just on its own.

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