Forest Hills Tennis – Part II

Forest Hills Tennis – Part II

A look at some of the events and history of the stadium during the second half of the 20th century.

1964 – Using the stadium for concerts goes back for quite some time. Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and many other musical legends have played at Forest Hills.

1968 – Arthur Ashe – mens single champion, US Open, Forest Hils.

1974 – Billie Jean King, women’s single champion, US Open, Forest Hills.

1978 –
The US Open left the West Side Tennis club without its marquee event.

April 1982 – The stadium was rejuvinated and brought back to life with a new event,  The Tournament Of Champions, which was held here throughout the 80’s. (Click on above photo for the entire New York Magazine article by tennis journalist Allison Danzig. In it he expresses his love for the legacy of tennis here and how it should continue at Forest Hills.)

1983 – John McEnroe, mens single winner, Tournament of Champions, Forest Hills.

1989 – The last year the Tournment of Champions was held at Forest Hills. Andre Agassi played in it, but it was won by Pete Sampras.

It’s excellent grounds, ease of access to transportation, and historic legacy make the facility a great  candidate for restoration as a popular attraction once again. (Photo NY Magazine)

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