Forest Hills Tennis, Part 1

Forest Hills Tennis – Part I

While doing my usual wading through of old photos over the weekend, I kept coming across photo after photo of the West Side Tennis Stadium in Forest Hills. I instantly thought of the recently unveiled plans to turn it over to developers and make it into an apartment complex. I also thought of those who have been passionately speaking out against the plan and working hard to try to save the place from that fate. The least I thought I could do was take a look back and show some photos of what once was and what could still be a treasured jewel of Queens.

Forest Hills Stadium circa 1940

Circa 1910 -Walking to the club, according to their website, the club has been in existence since 1892.

1919 Davis Cup play at Forest Hills.

1937 – Two very interested spectators watching a match at the stadium.


1940’s  – Anyone who grew up in Queens prior to the 1978 knew that Forest Hills is where they played the US open. England may have had Wimbledon, but we had Forest Hills.

Althea Gibson was the first african american to win a grand slam tennis title. She won the US open here in ’57 and ’58.

Irreplaceable – One sad truth that we learn time and time again is that once a place is gone, it can never be replaced.  The bigger and more significant the venue, the greater the loss when it is gone.  In an era and a city where the loss of so many valuable landmarks have been documented, it is important that we make every effort to save this one.

For more information on the fight to save the stadium from the Rego Park Preservation Council click here . For a list of resources from World Tennis magazine, click here.

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