4, 5, and 6 World Trade Center

4, 5, and 6 World Trade Center

(Part 2, looking at some of the ‘other’ buildings of the original complex destroyed on 9/11.)

Surrounding the Plaza 4, 5, and 6 WTC,  when completed finished the ‘wrap’ of buildings around the WTC plaza. The three were built during the 70’s and looked almost identical, they all had a black pedestal striped design. They were all less than 10 stories tall.

5 World Trade Center – I always thought this was the most accessible of all the buildings in the complex. At the corner of Vesey and Church , it was closest to where the E train ended.  It contained a nice two level Borders Book branch. One day in the late 90’s I played hookey from my network support job up at midtown to get down to this Borders to meet Mary Chapin Carpenter who was doing a book signing here. I got in a lot of trouble for doing that!

4 WTC View From inside the plaza and from outside of it, by Liberty and Church Streets.  Gemelli’s bar and restaurant was on the bottom of building 4. The NY Board of Trade rented 3 floors and Deutsche bank rented another 3 floors.

6 WTC. This building contained the entrance to the north bridge to the World Financial Center, so a lot of us walked through a tiny part of it every day. Walking back from the bridge and into 6 WTC, you had to make a sharp right turn.  If you didn’t, you walked right up to the US customs building security entrance. There were a few times, as I was going across the bridge I got caught up in my reading, missed the turn, and unknowingly walked right into to the security entrance . The security guards looked at me a little annoyed, wondering where I was trying to go.

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  1. Great pics.

  2. Jeff Korell

     /  September 12, 2019

    I spent many years commuting to and working at 6 World Trade Center. I worked for the U.S Customs Service, who occupied that entire building, My father worked there, too. Had many father/son lunches in their cafeteria on the 2nd floor. I worked on the 1st floor and my father worked on the 4th floor. There were a total of 8 floors. Miss that place. Many years of memories. I thought that place would be there forever. I still remember one day, a man with a long black beard came to our office and addressed our entire office staff. He identified himself as an expert on terrorism. He spoke to us about terrorism and how the World Trade Center could be a prime target of terrorism and he gave us pointers on how to be prepared in the event of a terrorist attack on the building, and even gave out pamphlets and brochures about it. We were all naive at the time, and thought terrorism was something that was something that was only overseas in places like the Middle East. None of us believed it could happen right there in New York, right there in our office, where we felt so safe, and many of us didn’t take the terrorist lecture seriously. How wrong we all turned out to be, and how right that man turned out to be.


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