3 World Trade Center (and the north bridge)

3 World Trade Center (and the north bridge)

Along with the north and south towers, five other buildings that carry World Trade Center addresses as well as another 7 structures were either destroyed or condemned as a result of  9/11.

1 WTC wast the north tower, 2 WTC was the south tower, 3 World Trade Center was a 22 story hotel wedged right in between the two towers on the southwest side of the complex.

WTC Map, 1998 – 3 WTC was the only building adjacent to both WTC towers. It was the only WTC building that you could drive up to by car from West Street.  One night when I was working late in the financial center I picked up a cab from the Vista’s West Street driveway where limos often pulled in and out. I imagined that one day if I became rich, instead of taking a cab home from that driveway a limo would be taking me back to my room for the night through it.

Under Construction, 1980 photo, that’s the Vista on the left  (courtesy metrostage.com). It opened in 1981 as the Vista Hotel under Hilton and became a Marriott in 1995.

Nieuw Amsterdam Ballroom inside the Vista Hotel (Feb 1993, NY Magazine)

The north bridge to the World Financial Center. The hotel was located between the north and south pedestrian bridges over West Street (that’s the south bridge closest to the photo). They connected the World Trade Center to the World Financial Center (which is a big complex of buildings just across West Street). These were important bridges for the thousands of people who work in the financial center and used them every day to get to and from work. The north bridge was the better of the two bridges, it led right into the beautiful atrium of the Financial Center on the west, and came right from the lobby of the north tower of the WTC on the east.  The north bridge was so popular there were often flea markets inside it with vendors lined up from end to end along both sides. I bought my then fiancée a little music box for her birthday on it. The North bridge was destroyed on 9/11.

Marriott Vista Hotel (staturacde.com)

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  1. Scott Berkun

     /  September 7, 2010

    Todd: you have a typo:

    World Financial Cetner -> Center.

  2. Corrected, that was fast, I posted this less than 5 minutes ago!

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