Shortcuts and Secret Entrances

For those who know the backwoods, or the backstreets, there are always ‘secret’ shortcuts known to only the experienced that can save them a minute or two, especially during rush hour.

1951 aerial of the Cross Island Parkway near Fort Totten. There used to be an entrance to Fort Totten that intersected with the Cross Island Parkway. You can see above that it interrupted the center island of the parkway.

When you get on The Cross Island Parkway North at Fort Totten you’re not supposed to take this little ramp to get onto the Throgs Neck Bridge, but it can be very tempting, especially when the parkway is full and the bridge is empty. Was it ever a ‘real’ entrance? Not sure but I dont think so.

Unlike the secret entrance to the Throgs Neck Bridge, this secret entrance to the Whitestone Bridge is a ‘real’ entrance. You can see it in the 1948 photo above and it still exists today.

When the LIE was widened and the CIP interchange rebuilt in the early 2000’s the Douglaston Pwky exit was removed and the secret short cut shown above went with it.

LIE between New Hyde Park Rd. and Shelter Rock Rd.  This is a great shortcut that still exists and I’m only letting you all know about it because I dont live on Long Island anymore. This ‘shortcut’ was ‘just’ created around the year 2000 when the LIE was widened. The Shelter Rock Rd. exit was moved way westward, so that you can get off the LIE at the Shelter Rock Rd. exit, and back on the LIE east without ever encountering a traffic light. If there’s traffic here, and there often is, this one can save you a couple of minutes easily.

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  1. Scott Berkun

     /  September 1, 2010

    A better trick for the line spacing thing:

    Just put 1. foo for the first caption – then people will know that’s the first caption. 2. blah for the second, etc. Then it won’t look like there are little turds on the post.

    btw: ask Dad to make a map of the Cross Bronx – he knew all the shortcuts and tricks. He could have sold a map and made a fortune.


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